Fancy Stir-Frys

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve had a WONDERFUL week thus far! I sure have!

I’ve been eating lots of veggie stir-frys this week. A stir fry I often make (and love) consists of corn, broccoli, spinach, and tomatoes. I love putting tomatoes into stir-frys because the heat releases their sweet juices and makes the stir-fry more stew-like!

The “recipe” is basically veggies and spices. However, I made this stir-fry fancy by hollowing out a farmer’s market tomato and putting the veggies (including the tomato “guts”) into it.

Fancy Stir-Fry (serves 1)

  • 1 large tomato
  • 1 ear of corn
  • 2 large handfuls (about 2 cups) of spinach
  • about 1 cup of broccoli
  • 1/4 tsp oregano
  • 1/4 tsp dried basil
  • 1/4 tsp italian seasoning
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • cooking spray

Gut the tomato by cutting off the top and taking the insides out with a spoon. This will leave you with a hollow tomato (picture below). Then take out a big pan, spray it, and cut the veggies. Then add the corn, broccoli, and tomato “guts” into the pan, spray them with cooking spray, and turn the heat up to high. Add the spinach and the spices and stir frequently until the spinach has decreased in size and the veggies look cooked. Turn off the heat, scoop the veggies into the tomato “bowl”, and enjoy!

100_2859 100_2860

Another veggie dish I’ve been enjoying is zucchini “noodles” with a homemade tomato “sauce”. All you have to do to make it is…

  1. Julienne a zucchini to make the noodles (if you don’t have a spiralizer, just use a carrot peeler!!!).
  2. Cut up and sauté a large tomato, a handful of mushrooms, a handful of broccoli, and a handful of cauliflower.
  3. Add ½ tsp italian seasoning.
  4. Add the “sauce” to the “noodles” and enjoy! I ate this meal with a delicious pumpkin muffin.

Enjoy your veggies and have a fantabulous weekend! Have any fun plans?

xx Ellie


Orange You Happy I made a Green Smoothie?

After my run yesterday, I was craving something citrus-y and sweet. The perfect solution? This smoothie!


It’s full of tropical orange flavor with the orange juice and orange, but also sweet and cold because of the frozen banana and peaches! The spinach makes the smoothie even healthier, but doesn’t change the flavor at all (only the color)! Whenever you’re craving something sweet and refreshing, give this smoothie a whirl!

Orange You Happy I made a Green Smoothie

  • 1/4 cup orange juice (you can add more or less depending on how liquid-y you like your smoothie)
  • 1 banana, frozen (to make the smoothie thicker)
  • ½ orange
  • ½ cup peaches
  • ½ cup spinach (or another leafy green)

Directions: Put everything into a bender (I used a Vitamix). Give it a whirl. For the Vitamix, I powered the speed up to 10 and then put it on high until everything was well-blended. Then pour the smoothie into a glass and enjoy!!! Serves 1.

Anyone have any fun weekend plans? I’m going to try out hot yoga for the first time! No matter what you do, have a lovely weekend!

xx Ellie

The Basics: What is “Vegan”?

Hi there! I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

Many of you reading this blog might be new to veganism. Being “vegan” means you do not eat or use any animal products. This includes meat (including fish), dairy (milk, cream, yogurt, ice cream, butter, whey, etc.), eggs, and honey. Vegans also don’t wear leather, wool, cashmere, and other animal byproducts.

Below are a few links that tell you more about what being vegan means and give more examples of animal byproducts:

However, there are still SO MANY foods you can eat as a vegan. Flavorful and sweet fruits, delicious and savory vegetables, crunchy nuts and seeds, good fats (like avocados and peanut butter), and lots and lots of delicious vegan desserts! And yes, vegans can still eat chocolate!

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 6.30.31 PM   P1230190

People choose to go vegan for various reasons. They choose veganism so they can eat healthier, so they help the environment, and so they can help animals. Some people eat a vegan diet because they don’t feel right about eating the other animals we share the Earth with.

*Side note that sort of relates to the above: Did you know vegans save almost 200 animals a year!? (Source: PETA)*


I first became vegan to eat a healthier and more vibrant diet. Being vegan has helped me to incorporate many more fruits and veggies into my diet. It has also prompted me to try new foods like chia seeds, coconut oil, flax seeds, mangoes, kale, and artichokes (to name a few). However, NOW I am vegan because I love vegan food, I think the food is better for my body, eating vegan saves the environment, and I am vegan for all of the cute animals of the Earth!

Below, from left to right : smoothie made with kale from our garden, me + veggies harvested from our garden, & our (somewhat overgrown) square foot garden.


My Vegan Story:

I first learned about veganism about four years ago. A lady at the yoga studio my mom works at was holding a vegan 28 day detox. This meant that for 28 days, the participant could only eat vegan foods. A year later, I decided to try it out with my family. The first day, we had absolutely no idea what the heck we were doing. We made green smoothies in the morning, salad for lunch, and salad for dinner. Needless to say, my little brother dropped out after the first day. As the days went by, though, we learned more and more about what we could eat and we found great recipes! I loved doing the detox! I felt great when eating vegan food, and the detox prompted me to eat more fruit and vegetables!

After the detox, I went back to eating meat and dairy… but it just didn’t taste the same. I didn’t enjoy eating meat anymore. I was (and still am!) revolted by it! So a few weeks after putting meat back into my diet, I took it back out again. For good. A few months later, I did the same thing with dairy. And then I became vegan for good! My friends thought I was crazy (and some still think I am) for not eating meat or dairy! However, some have enjoyed my veganism. It’s gotten me to cook and bake more, and they sometimes get to be taste testers of the food I make!

Back to the detox: without it, I wouldn’t be vegan. The detox was a catalyst for a drastic change in my lifestyle! I am so thankful for it!

I would recommend a detox-like approach to anyone interested in becoming vegan, or even just incorporating more fruit and vegetables and less meat and dairy into your diet. Start off incorporating more wholesome foods into your diet, and wean off non-vegan foods. For example, if you eat meat twice a day, start eating it once a day and continue until you are eating no meat at all! However, going cold-turkey (or cold tofu in this case?) works too! You can transition however you’d like! The main advice I have on this subject  is to try out a vegan or vegetarian diet! If you’re debating… just go for it! It’s a fun way to try new foods!

Now I hope you know what veganism is, and some of the things vegans eat. I also hope you’ve learned a little bit more about me! If you’re still curious, and feel like jamming out, watch this fun music video all about what vegans eat.

xx Ellie

Welcome to Peanut Butter and Ellie!!!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I decided to start a blog because I wanted to share my love of vegan food with you!

On this blog, I will be writing and posting about my favorite food and recipes, recipes that I’ve made up, vegan resources (like cookbooks), and my vegan lifestyle. That’s it for now! If you’d like to be kept updated with my posts “Like” this post or subscribe to my blog! Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy!