Northern MI Photo Montage

This weekend, I went up north to my cottage with my family. I know this blog is technically all about vegan food, but in this post I wanted to show you some pictures I captured! I wanted you to see the beauty of northern Michigan. Enjoy these photos, which range from beach to wood to water scenes!

rocky beach

A great day for hunting (rocks, that is! They’re the only thing I’ll ever hunt.)!

Rocks Rock!

Look at these gems

My mom, my dog, and I love to walk the beach looking for Petoskey stones, the specialty stone of Michigan. They are fossilized coral. We also love to look for Leland blues, copper waste turned into beautiful blue stones, found only by my cottage. We also have fun finding crystals. I’m such a rock geek ☺.

Perfect Petoskey

Perfect Petoskey


The dandelions were still blooming despite the cold




so beautiful

My weekend consisted of walking the beach and looking for gorgeous and interesting rocks, hiking through the sunlit woods with my parents and a camera, and playing fun family tennis. It also included reading in front of the warmth of a fireplace, watching a movie (The Edge of Tomorrow. It was actually pretty good for an action movie!), and recipe making and testing. I hope your weekend was as joyous as mine! If not, you can always make next weekend awesome!

Harvest Sun

Harvest Sun


The tugboat called “JOY”. Can anyone guess where my cottage is from this picture!?

Falling Waters

Falling Waters


Tomorrow I’m going to share a recipe that I developed this weekend while at the cottage! Hint: they involve these babies.

Have a marvelous monday and check back tomorrow for a scrumptious recipe involving bananas!

xx Ellie


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