Butterfingers and Candy Corn

Happy almost Halloween ALREADY!

Where the heck have September and October gone? It seems like just last week, school started and summer ended. Now my school year is about a fourth of the way done! Craziness!!!

The end of October brings a fun and sugar-packed holiday: Halloween. Halloween can be a hard time for vegans. CAN BE. It doesn’t have to be, though, because we can make our own candy! Now there are also vegan candies on the market for those who still want the feeling of unwrapping a package to find a sweet gift inside (see here for a guide to vegan candies)! Believe it or not, packaged candies such as Smarties, Airheads, and Mambas are vegan. Candy lovers rejoice! If you’re vegan but missing chocolate candy (like moi), have no fear, because vegan Butterfingers are here!


Creamy, crunchy, nutty… these bars taste exactly like Butterfingers! Believe me, my non-vegan mom whose “special treat” is a Butterfinger flurry said so.

100_3169I am so happy to have come upon this recipe by one of my favorite bloggers, Chocolate-Covered Katie. I had fun making and eating (of course) these babies! Katie made 12-16 Butterfingers, but I made 24!

The recipe is here

What is great about these bars (besides the fact that they are vegan!) are that you can eat way more of them than regular Butterfingers. Original mini Butterfingers come in at 160(!) calories a piece (I didn’t realize how many calories I used to eat on Halloween!), but these babies are only about 75 calories a piece! This means you can have more than 1 and not feel guilty! These bars also have less sugar and fat in them than the original, but  the fiber has been amped up. YAY healthiness!

This whole weekend I had fun making Halloween candy. I also made candy corn (recipe also from Chocolate-Covered Katie). Be warned: If you don’t like coconut, don’t eat the candy corn. Or, just make the candy corn with a different type of nut/ seed butter (but it won’t be super colorful). I personally don’t love coconut, so next time I would use peanut butter (which I obviously love: look at my blog name). I froze the candy corn after I made it which helped firm it up.

Recipe here

This coming week (before Halloween on Friday), I plan to make vegan Twix, Snickers, and Crunch bars! I will also post my recipe for Snickers cupcakes!!!

Happy (almost) Halloween!


Halloween makes me happy!!!

xx Ellie


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