Fabulous 5 Friday


So, on every Friday from here on out, I’m going to be posting a “Fab 5 Friday”! It’s basically just going to be me blogging about 5 different things that I’m loving lately. These things could be food items, a kitchen appliance, a dish, clothes, shoes, a book, a website, etc.! Let’s start this thang off with a BANG!!!

1. this Lululemon top


photo via Lululemon.com

I am obsessed with Lululemon. You don’t even want to know how many pieces of Lululemon I have (A lot. A lot a lot.).  If that doesn’t tell you how much I love their products, I don’t know what will! Their clothing fits super well (I wear size 2 or size 4, which are like extra small and small). It’s also super comfy, super cute, and their products hold up really well. And maybe the best part? If their products don’t hold up, there’s a 5 year warranty on them! So, if you have Lulu pants and they rip (they probably won’t), Lululemon will a) fix them for you for free if they’re repairable, b) give you your money back via a gift card, or c) let you trade them in for another one of that item. Coolio, right!? Anywho, I found this top yesterday when I went to the Lulu store and immediately fell head-over-heels in love with it. I plan on wearing it when I dance the night away on New Year’s! It’s incredibly cute, comfortable and suitable for any occasion! Yes, you could wear it to yoga OR a party! Also when I was at the store yesterday, I noticed that they had a ton of stuff on sale! I snagged a $44 bra for $14!!! I am in love with this shirt, and thought it was a great way to kick off Fab 5 Fri with a literal sparkle! 

2. Pumpkin and Pear Butter 

picture via BlackberryFarm

Yes, I know this butter is expensive, but it’s TOTALLY worth the price! it tastes divine, especially on the pumpkin muffins I made earlier this week! An added benefit is that it only has 5 ingredients, and all of them are natural. In the near future, when I use it all up, I plan on making my own version of it to enjoy. For now, though, I will enjoy the real deal! 

3. Yoga in a greenhouse

This past Tuesday, I did a yoga class in the greenhouse of a market at night and it was super cool because we could see the sky and the stars as we practiced! I also learned how to go from crow pose into plank, which was fun. 

4. Skinny Bitch (book) by Rory Freedmen and Kim Barnouin 

picture from Amazon.com

When I searched this book on Google for Fab Friday, it didn’t show up because apparently Google doesn’t swear. I don’t think bitch is that bad of a word. Anyways, I loved this book. It was funny, interesting, empowering, and I learned a lot. Next week, I will post a real review and share some of the super interesting facts from the book. For those who don’t know, Skinny Bitch is a book about how cutting out crap (junk food, meat, dairy, and refined sugar) from your diet will make you skinny, healthier, and all-in-all make you feel better. I want to try and cut out refined sugar from my diet in the new year, and this book will be my guide. For those who want to “stop eating crap and start looking fabulous”, this book is for you! 

5. The Tomorrow People (show on Netflix). It’s an intriguing show about people who can teleport and have telekinesis because of a gene mutation. It’s pretty action-y, which I don’t love, but I really like the science-y part of it. It’s a good show to watch as I go on the elliptical or want to relax to before going to bed. 

I hope you liked the first Fab 5 Friday! Have a fabulous Friday! 

xx Ellie


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