Fab 5 Friday 12/12/14

I leave tomorrow morning for Asia. TOMORROW! That’s crazy! Obviously, my upcoming trip tops the Fab 5 Friday list because it is what I am most excited about this week! However, everything else on the list also rocks (and there are some great holiday present ideas!).

1. My family’s upcoming trip to Asia: look here to read more about it!

2. Farm House Fresh Whoopie Cream (aka Sugar Cookie Lotion)

Yumminess! The lotion smells magical AND it comes in a cute container! Double win! Picture from Farm House Fresh’s website.

I bought this lotion last week from Aspara Spa (a beauty salon near my house) and it’s freaking fabulous. It literally smells like sugar cookies. And I am using literally in the right context here. It’s magical and I’m obsessed. I guess smelling like sugar cookies is a good thing to be obsessed with? Hopefully? It smells fabulous, comes in a cute bottle, and it’s vegan and made with natural ingredients! However, I wouldn’t eat it. As much as you may want to, I don’t think that would turn out very well. For those of you interested, it’s made by Farm House Fresh and is called Whoopie Cream. It’s expensive ($30 for 8 oz) but it is SO worth it! If you want to hear more praises about this magic lotion, you can look at this post from Monday. Christmas is coming up (12 days!), and it would make any person (yup, even guys probably) happy if they received it for Christmas. 

3. Londontown Lakur Nail Polish

I am wearing the 6th color from the left. Picture from Londontown.com!

It’s vegan, gluten-free, natural, and comes in various cute colors! This is the best nail polish ever! Normally, I can feel whether or not I am wearing nail polish because my nails feel heavier with it on. That is not the case with this nail polish, which I love! Plus, it doesn’t chip and stays on well for at least a week. I am currently wearing a hot pink color called “Weekend Cheers” (6th from left in the picture above). I love it. If you are looking for great nail polish, look no further! It is $16 a bottle, so it’s kind of expensive, but it’s worth the price. It makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas! 

4. Before reading this article, I had no idea that the amount of protein (in grams) you should get a day is your body weight divided by 2! There are also some yummy looking recipes attached to the bottom of the article. Thanks, Dad, for sending me the link! 

5. A Vegan Holiday Week 3 Roundup!

I am so happy I decided to be a part of #aveganholiday. It has been a fun way to “meet” new bloggers and share recipes! I am featured at the top of the list for this week for the yummy sugar cookies I made on Monday. YAY! Thank you so much, Sara, Bianca, and Aileen for putting this whole thing together, and to Sara for featuring me! If you haven’t already, check out all of the posts from it! Links are below. 


Have a fabulous friday and I will “talk” to you all next week in Asia! 

xx Ellie

This post is part of A Vegan Holiday, a collaboration among vegan and veg-friendly bloggers. Follow along on social media with #AVeganHoliday. Want to learn more or become a contributor? Find out more here or here


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