Fab 5 Friday 12/19/14

Helloooo! I hope that everyone has had a fabulous week and has fun weekend plans!

This Friday marks the 6th day of my trip in Asia. I am having fun, exploring, eating yummy foods, and learning new things! So, it’s okay that I’ve missed a week of school because I am learning math (converting Hong Kong Dollars and Vietnamese Dongs into US Dollars), english/ language (how to say phrases in different languages), and lots of history! Soon I will post a recap of my trip to Hong Kong and Macau, but I’ll give you a sneak-peek here! This week I have tried / explored LOTS of new things! Some of my faves listed below are places, while others are things I’ve scouted during shopping excursions! Take a browse, and maybe you’ll find some holiday gift ideas or bucket list ideas!

1. This dress


We browsed the IFC mall on Hong Kong Island and went into ZARA because we’d never been before! I spotted this adorable dress, tried it on, and found that it fit me perfectly! Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase it right away. When I came back 2 days later, it was sold out in my size (sad face). Oh well. Maybe I can purchase it online or will find a dress similar to it! Anyways, if you find this dress or a dress like it, you should buy it ’cause it’s super cute.

2. The Big Buddha and surrounding area 100_3811The Big Buddha is in Lanau, about a 40 minute taxi ride from the Hong Kong airport. The area surrounding it is GORGEOUS. It’s undeveloped for the most part, so there’s nothing but trees, rolling hills, mountains, sea, and islands as far as the eye can see! The Buddha statue itself is pretty cool, and it was cool to see Buddhists coming from all over to pray with the Buddha’s huge statue. The best part of being at the Buddha was the view from it. As I wrote before, it was gorgeous. If you’re ever in the area… you should go. The view is worth it! 100_3742 3. The abundance of fresh fruit juice and smoothies available in Asia! I love fruit. I love how in both Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City there are fruit stalls everywhere, and fresh juice and smoothies are on the menu at every restaurant that I’ve visited! It’s also been fun to try new fruits, such as apple pears (the shape and crunch of an apple combined with the skin and taste of a pear), dragon fruit, and sweet baby bananas! Hooray for fruit!

4. The different buildings and architecture around Hong Kong, Macau, and Ho Chi Minh City. It’s all so different, yet most of it is pretty! My favorite types include the old Portugese-style buildings in Macau and the old temple style around Hong Kong.  100_3557 100_3581 100_3795 5. Victoria’s peak and the view from the top of the peak. It was incredible to see Hong Kong and the surrounding area from such a height. So pretty. I loved both Victoria’s Peak and Big Buddha because you could look out and see pure gorgeousness at both sights! NOT in my fab 5 Friday: jet lag, strong incense, cigarette smoke, the smell of dried seafood, and ferry rides on tumultuous seas that make one (read: me) sick. These are all part of the adventure, though!  I’m thankful for this week and the many opportunities that have come along with it. I’m excited for the coming weeks and for what they will bring! Have a fab Friday and a fabulous weekend! 

xx Ellie

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