Hong Kong / Macau Photo Travelogue

Hello form Vietnam! 2 days ago I landed in Vietnam after a fun few days in Hong Kong and a day-long excursion to Macau! The trip started on a dark Saturday morning. I spent the first 24+ hours of the trip in an airport / on an airplane. 3 flights and a long time later, I arrived in Hong Kong after a 13 hour, 22 minute international flight (where I watched 4 movies!)! In Hong Kong, I stayed in a cute little hotel with only 14 rooms! It took up most of one floor of a building in Kowloon (part of HK). I shared a room and a bed with my brother, and the shower was in the same part of the room as the sink and toilet (which was something I’d never seen before!)(see picture).


far left: sink, middle: toilet, far right: shower. You could go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, and take a shower all at the same time (although it would be difficult!).


The room was small but cute!

Day 1 and 2: flying and arriving in HK Day 3: breakfast at Starbucks (so cultured, right!?). Star ferry to Hong Kong island where we visited the IFC tower mall and the bird sanctuary (bird / animal park outside where we saw a scarlet ibis, monkeys, lemurs, and pheasants to name a few). We took a bus to Stanley and ate lunch at a fun place called the Boathouse, where I ate a yummy salad filled with fruit and topped with a divine rosemary dressing. Then we browsed Stanley market and the surrounding area. We bussed back to HKI and I may or may not have gotten a little sick on the bus. Then we had drinks and dinner at a thai place (we’re getting more cultured now). 100_3592100_3615

Day 4: Breakfast at Starbucks. Then we took a ferry to Macau on tumultuous seas (needless to say this was the 2nd day in a row of me doing something icky). We went to the ruins of St. John Church (built in the 1500s!), to a fort with a great view, looked at all the ornate casinos, and saw the old Portugese buildings (I love old French and Portugese architecture!). We ate dinner at Fernando’s, a restaurant near the beach with homemade rolls the size of my head. Then we ferried back to Kowloon.  100_3562100_3557100_3541

Day 5: Breakfast at Starbucks. We took a ferry to HKI and went to beautiful Victoria’s peak via cable car. Then we ate a fabulous late lunch at a Greek restaurant, Santorini (best spaghetti I’ve ever put in my mouth!). We walked around the populated island, shopped, and I drank a yummy smoothie for dinner. Then we took the boat back to the hotel.  100_3494

100_3696Day 6: Breakfast at a little vegetarian Indian food stall near our hotel. The flat bread and greasy vegetable filled phyllo dough rolls were awesome. Then we took a 45 minute taxi ride to the Big Buddha statue in Lanau! The statue was grand and the views surrounding it were breathtaking. We took the gondola back to town and went to the airport where we checked in, boarded, and flew to Vietnam! When we landed, we settled into our hotel. Then we dined at a nice Lebanese restaurant with an awesome mezzo platter (falafel, hummus, naan, tabbouleh, etc.). 

100_3811 100_3822

So far it’s been a fun and busy week! I am so grateful for this week and for all I have! I’d love to know if anyone else is going on / is on a trip this holiday! 

xx Ellie


8 thoughts on “Hong Kong / Macau Photo Travelogue

  1. Tobie says:

    A frequently overlooked and usually hilarious in hindsight part of long distance trips is the airplane time- what movies did you watch? What songs did you listen to on repeat? How gross were the bathrooms by the 5th hour? Important questions.


    • peanutbutterandellie says:

      hahaha. I watched If I Stay, Maleficent, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Julie and Julia. Perks of an international flight: you get to watch movies that just came out! I listened to 1989 (Taylor Swift) a lot. The bathrooms weren’t too bad actually! The bummers were that I had a hard time sleeping and sitting still. I got vegetarian food on the plane, though! This was actually my first nice international flight! Not exactly fun… but it wasn’t the worst thing ever either!

      Liked by 1 person

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