Boracay Photo Travelogue

I got back late last night from my incredible trip to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines. It was the best vacation ever! I laughed, I loved, and I learned. I had so much fun seeing new and beautiful places, trying tasty tropical food, and seeing the differences in each country’s culture. I got a bit behind on my trip journal, so I will post about Boracay today, then about Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow. I’ve had fun writing down what I did on vacation, and I hope you’re having fun reading it! I also hope that you will visit some of the places I did if you ever have the chance.


Panorama of Boracay courtesy of my uncle. Gorgeous, right!?

Day 12 (Christmas Eve): We arrived in Boracay! We checked into Jony’s, our great hotel, and took naps because we were at the airport and flying all night long. After resting, we checked out the beach, swam in the saltwater sea, and I drank a peanut butter smoothie (of course). We also got massages on the beach! My mom and I went for a run on the beach. We ate dinner on the beach! After dinner, we viewed fireworks taking place on the beach! We spent most of our time in Boracay on the beach.


My little brother and I swimming in the sea. 

Day 13 (CHRISTMAS): This year’s Christmas day wasn’t a typical Christmas for my family. Instead of waking up, opening presents, and eating brunch with my grandparents, I ran on the beach, ate breakfast at Jony’s, swam, read on the beach, and wandered around the island. We had Christmas dinner at Jony’s, and it wasn’t a typical Christmas dinner. I ate a burrito, instead of a huge Christmas dinner. During dinner, carolers came to Jony’s and sang carols to us! There was also a band of drummer boys playing up and down the beach. It was a fun twist on sand castle Day 14: We headed to Free Willy’s, a nearby dive shop, for a 10:00 AM scuba diving lesson! We watched a dive basics video, filled out some forms, put on wetsuits, and practiced diving! I was a little scared at first to rely on a tank for my air supply, but I felt ready to dive once I practiced breathing underwater with a regulator. We took a boat out to the diving spot. We had to flip backwards off the boat to get in the water! My mom freaked out because of that and decided not to go diving. She missed out! We had guides with us that lowered us deeper into the crystal clear water. We dived down to 20 meters (around 50 feet) and saw tropical fishies, sea anemonies, urchins, and a coral reef! I was freezing after I came up from the 40 minute dive, even though it was 80 degrees F outside. After the dive, we ate and walked from one end of the white sand beach to the other. This was my favorite day on Boracay!

scuba diving

hey look! It’s me and my dad scuba diving!

Day 15: We woke up at 7:30 AM to go on an “Indiana Jones Eco Tour” on the island next to Boracay. We took a car from our hotel to the boat dock, a boat from Boracay to the island-next-door, and took a van to secluded caves and a cold freshwater spring. We adventured into pitch black caves, where we saw stalagmites, bats, and pools of water. Then we swam in the cold cold spring. We thought the tour would be super Indiana Jones-y and packed with adventure, but it wasn’t really. We were a bit disappointed, but it was interesting to see the big caves. When we got back to Boracay, we swam some more and then went to a Bodybuilding contest that was going on on the beach! I was expecting buff bros to lift serious amounts of weight. Instead it was buff girls walking around in bikinis getting judged for how they looked. We were all a bit disappointed for being falsely advertised to, but we did get to watch fire dancers who danced at the beginning of the contest.


the cold water spring pool (photo taken by my uncle)

P1240122P1240124Day 16 was very relaxing in the morning, but not so fun in the evening. In the morning, we read, swam, drank smoothies, and tanned on the beach. The rest of the day was spent going back to Vietnam. We checked out of our hotel, then boated to the airport where we found out that our flight was cancelled! So we had to drive another hour to a different airport, where we flew to Manila. Our flight from Manila to Ho Chi Minh city was delayed for 2 hours, so we didn’t get back into Ho Chi Minh City until 3 AM! I really liked the warm weather in Boracay and how beautiful the island was. Boracay was a bit too tourist-y for me because the beaches were crowded and vendors tried to sell you things on the beach. However, it was very nice to have some time to relax and get a tan! Tune in tomorrow to read how the rest of the trip turned out! I hope you had a happy New Year and I wish you luck on any New Year’s Resolutions you might be starting!

xx Ellie

PS: Click on the links to read my HK journal and my HCMC + Cambodia journal if you haven’t already!


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