Fab 5 Friday 2/13/15

Happy Friday and happy Valentine’s day! I can’t believe that it’s already February 13!

I love holidays. I love how spirited people get. I love the different fun traditions that go along with each holiday! I always loved Valentine’s Day in elementary school because it meant shortened class so that we could have a classroom party! It also meant decorating a box for valentines, making valentines for friends and classmates, spreading love, and eating lots of candy! I wish we still did this in High School! It was a great way to get to know other kids better. It also meant candy, which almost every kid loves. Just because I don’t have a Valentine’s Day party or pass out valentines anymore doesn’t mean I can’t spread the love in other ways, though! So, my plea to you is to make every day more like Valentine’s Day! Spread the love and spirit of Valentine’s Day every day!

1. Valentine’s Day 

…because it’s nice to devote a day to love!

2. Ideas for Valentines

We don’t have boxes to deposit valentines into like we did in elementary school. But this doesn’t mean we can’t pass out valentines! Check out these cute valentine ideas from Fork and Beans! Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 8.47.29 AMLOOK AT THESE adorable valentines from ForkandBeans.com! Pretzels with their tops dipped in chocolate to create a match! So sweet! This picture is from Cara’s Instagram account! @forkandbeans

3. These vegetable flower bouquets 

Skip-buying-roses-and-give-these-veggie-bouquets-to-your-sweetie.--683x1024Just look at them! Such a fun and spring-y idea! I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for spring and these pots are a great reminder that spring is coming soon! The recipe for these cute flowers is also from Cara at forkandbeans.com

4. Visiting Cornell University next week! 

Next week, I don’t have school on Thursday or Friday (hooray for winter break!). I’ll be spending that time in Ithaca, New York to see Cornell! I am so excited. I can’t wait to check out Cornell, it’s #1 food science program, and the vegan scene in Ithaca! I’m going with my dad, and we’re going to check out the Moosewood restaurant (it has a lot of  award-winning vegetarian cookbooks)! I can’t wait! Let me know if you live nearby! I’d love to meet up with a blogger friend or find another great veg-friendly restaurant to try 🙂

5. These Chocolate-Covered Katie Recipes

I can’t wait to try out this Italian hot chocolate recipe and these chocolate chip cream cheese cookies! Your recipes are SPOT-ON this week, Katie! The cookies would taste yummy dipped in the hot chocolate too, I’m sure! I WANT THIS WARMING HOT CHOCOLATE ASAP!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Remember to spread the love!

xoxo Ellie


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