Cornell University Visit + Food in Ithaca, NY

Last week, I spent about 18 hours in moving vehicles! That’s a lot of sitting! The sitting and stiffness were worth it, because in those 18 hours, my dad and I drove from our home base in Michigan to Ithaca, New York and home again. Why? We went to visit Cornell University, aka my dream school!

I loved Cornell! The campus sits atop a hill, surrounded by woods and plummeting gorges. It overlooks the surrounding town of Ithaca. The campus is gorgeous! Haha. The buildings are a mish-mash of styles from the past few centuries. We spent the majority of our time in the food science building, Stocking Hall, because food science sounds super interesting to me. The facility was built last year, so it’s super nice and new! The classrooms are large, clean, and comfortable.

I got to sit in on a “Food Chemistry I” lecture in one of the nice classrooms! I enjoyed sitting in the comfy chairs as I listened to the professor teach about sugars! I didn’t really understand what the teacher was talking about because he had started lecturing on the subject another day (so the lecture was halfway over when I arrived). There were some dot diagrams that I sort of understood because I’m learning about dot diagrams in chemistry right now, but I didn’t understand most of the figures and jargon. This is fine, because I know I will learn it if I go to Cornell.

After the lecture, I got to meet with the food science Director of Undergraduate Studies. She  is cool, and she explained food science to us in everyday language. Food science is studying food and ingredients from their creation to the instant they are consumed. It’s studying what happens to the apple from the moment it is picked to the instant it is spooned into your mouth as applesauce. Nutrition is what happens to the food while it is inside your body. Both fields sound interesting! She also told us about what Cornell has to offer. Cornell seems to have a great food science program: they have a new facility, helpful staff who want you to succeed, and a fun and diverse student body.

My dad and I also got to meet with two food science students. These two girls were so kind, helpful, and they had lots of school spirit! They taught my dad and me so much about Cornell and life there as a college student. It was so fun to meet them! Everyone we met at Cornell and in Ithaca was super nice and helpful.

I loved Cornell for the reasons mentioned above. I also loved Cornell because of all the opportunities it offers! Cornell has sororities, fraternities, division 1 sports, intramural sports, gyms, tons of restaurants, and OVER 1,000 CLUBS! One of these clubs is the Cornell VEGAN SOCIETY. Yes, Cornell has a VEGAN SOCIETY. That alone makes me want to go to Cornell.

The Cornell Vegan Society has also made sure that EVERY restaurant at Cornell and in Ithaca has vegan options. This means that there are lots of dining options for everyone! My dad and I ate delicious food while in Ithaca.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 5.22.51 PMThe first night we arrived, we ate at a busy Mexican restaurant called Viva Taqueria. I ordered the vegan burrito and it was huge and super spicy. The burrito came with pickled jalepeños, carrots, onion, and garlic which were the spiciest foods I have EVER put into my mouth. It also came with cabbage slaw and guacamole, which I needed to tone down the spice. The food was good, just very spicy. My dad thought that it was some of the best Mexican food that he’d ever tasted.


FullSizeRenderOn Friday, we went out to lunch at Manndible Café, a café in one of Cornell’s many libraries. It was Curry Bar Friday at the café, and their curry is some of the best curry I’ve ever tasted. It was a delicious lunch. I also ordered a strawberry banana smoothie that tasted like a milkshake.

Friday night was PIZZA night. My dad and I traversed to Pizza Aroma, where we dined on pizza by the slice. The garden pizza slice that I ordered was gluten-free, vegan, huge, and incredibly tasty. My non-vegan dad ordered the garden pizza too, and he liked it!

IMG_0426 I recommend all of the restaurants that my dad and I tried in Ithaca.

We left Ithaca on Saturday morning. We took a quick detour to Niagara Falls on the way home. It was cold and unbelievably crowded for a cold, snowy, and foggy day! Of course I had to take a typical tourist picture of me at the Falls:



It was negative degrees outside. 

All in all, seeing Cornell was fun! I can’t believe how soon I’ll be applying to college! Eek! If you have any advice about high school, applying to college, and college life, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear it!

How was your weekend? Did you go anywhere?
Have a great day!

xx Ellie


10 thoughts on “Cornell University Visit + Food in Ithaca, NY

  1. Allie says:

    Wow. How exciting that you loved Cornell!

    As a college grad, the best advice I can offer is to approach it with an open mind. I got into my first choice, but my family couldn’t afford it. so I had to go somewhere else. I was devastated at first, but in the end it was the best four years I could ever have asked for! Couldn’t imagine having gone anywhere else.

    I know you’ll have a great college experience wherever you go!


  2. Life Diet Health says:

    Awww Ellie it sounds amazing and I love how you’ve brought the experience to life for us! 🙂 How fantastic that there are vegan choices everywhere – I agree that would make me want to go there too! Wherever you end up going I’m sure you’ll have a great time and a fantastic learning experience. Be sure to tell us where you end up going! x

    Liked by 1 person

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