Fab 5 Friday 3/13/14

Happy Friday and happy almost-spring! The snow is finally starting to melt this week and the birds are starting to sing. The days are longer and it gets dark later (thanks to that annoying-when-it-happens-but-nice-now daylight savings!). The start of spring makes me happy, since it means flowers blooming, leaves budding, warmer weather, and spring sports! Tennis tryouts started this week, so I haven’t posted because I have been busy with them. I don’t like tryouts because they’re super nerve-wracking and stressful, but they’re almost over. This means that I get to start practicing with my lovely varsity teammates soon!

Today as a team, we went to the local tennis courts and shoveled the snow off the steps near them and off the edges of the courts. We couldn’t shovel the actual courts (it would damage them), so we did what we could to make the snow melt faster so we can play tennis outside on Monday! Afterwards, a few of us went to the local ice cream parlor, where they now carry 2 flavors of VEGAN ICE CREAM! Yay!

1. This vegan ice cream was yummy, so it for sure goes on the Fab 5 Friday list!

I got chocolate (of course), but they also had strawberry. I’m so excited that veganism has become more “mainstream” in the past few years! It means that more stores are carrying vegan products, like the ice cream parlor near my house carrying vegan ice cream!



picture from my Instagram. Check it out if you want to see more yummy pictures of chocolate!


drool-worthy picture from food52.com

Another great dessert related thing I stumbled across on the inter web is this article all about donuts! Curious about their history and how they got their name? Want to know the various types of donuts and what they’re called? Look no further! The article also tells you how to make basic donuts. So fun!

3.  This PUNNY FOOD MAP of the USA

I’m on a food kick. Check out the above link for funny punny pictures of states made from foods that sound like the state! Super cool!

4. EXTRA crispy tofu

Put tofu in a waffle maker… and voila! Crispy, crunchy, bite-sized tofu! GENIUS!

5. What Different Tips Look Like When You Frost Cupcakes

This is helpful information to a cupcake lover like me! Now I know what cupcakes will look like when frosted with a certain type of frosting tip.

I hope you enjoyed this FOODIE Fab 5 Friday! Have a fun weekend! Does anyone have any exciting plans? Is anyone else a tennis player?

xx Ellie


3 thoughts on “Fab 5 Friday 3/13/14

  1. irtfyblog says:

    Your ice cream looks delicious. I think I’ll have to make some, but I make ice cream in my Vitamix all the time. It’s just milk, ice, 1 packet of powered Carnation instant breakfast mix and a little sugar or maple syrup for sweetener. If I want chocolate, I just add a little cocoa powder.

    Nothing else is added and it’s lowfat and delicious!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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