How To Get A Spring Break Body

Spring Break. Those two words alone are great. Juxtaposed together, they create something magical.

One of the first things I think about when I think of spring break is the beach, probably because that’s where most people go for spring break. Whether or not you’re going to the beach, it’s (finally!) time to start thinking about summer and swimsuits!

I want to feel confident in my swimsuit (you probably do too!). A great way to feel confident is to feel healthy and strong. I feel healthy when I eat well and exercise! Eating whole, plant-based foods + exercising often = the keys to health, happiness, and AWESOMENESS.

So, my advice to you as you prepare for what will be the best spring break EVER:

1. Throw those potato chips in your lap out the window.

Or in the trash. Or flush them down the toilet. It really doesn’t matter HOW you dispose of them as long as you get rid of them! But seriously, cut the processed crap outta your diet. The excess sodium in processed foods, especially chips, causes bloating. And I don’t think you want to look like THIS on Spring Break. Choose yummy and healthy snacks instead of icky junk food that never expires. Great healthy snacks are fruit, veggies and hummus,  homemade trail mix, energy bites, veggie chips, and homemade potato chips like these! Your body will thank you if you swap the junk for whole foods! Cut the crap, and get a six-pack!*

*Well, you need to do ab workouts to get a six-pack, but eating “clean” will definitely help you get a flatter tummy and a six-pack sooner!

Speaking of ab workouts…


Work out to rock out! Exercising releases endorphins, so you always feel better after you exercise. It also leads to a chiseled body.


Feel motivated? Well, if you’re just not motivated to work out at all, remember…


SO put on some workout clothes and then you might feel ready to work it out!

Below are a few ab workouts that I’ve been doing for a month or two. I typically do two or three of these every other day. I’ve noticed drastic results since I started doing the ab workouts from these videos! Now I can see my abs, which I am super happy about!  If you want defined ab muscles, you’ve clicked on the right link! These videos are short and sweet. They range from five minutes to ten minutes long, so they only take up .0069% of your day! They’re fun to do because the trainer, Rebecca Louise from X HIIT, is fun and encouraging. She makes you want to do the workout. She makes you WORK HARD to GET RESULTS. You feel really proud of yourself when you finish the workout, too! So try one or three and see how it goes! Let me know if you try them and if you like them!

And for some extra fun, here are three awesome booty workouts!

Have a great spring break! I hope these workouts help you feel strong and confident for spring break and beyond!

Happy Friday!

XX Ellie

P.S.-  The pictures in this post are from Pinterest.

This post is part of Spring Break V, a collaboration among vegan and veg-friendly bloggers. Follow along on social media at #SpringBreakV. Want to learn more or become a contributor? Find out more here.

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