Spring Break Recap (pt. 2) : Asheville, NC

Welcome to the second part of Ellie takes the Carolinas, a.k.a. what I did on spring break!

If you didn’t read all 646 words of Monday’s post, I’ll give you a quick synopsis right now. My family and I went to a lovely resort in South Carolina called Wild Dunes. We spent a week walking the beach, playing tennis, making and eating yummy vegan food, and watching a tennis tournament called the Family Circle Cup.

After we saw South Carolina, we figured we should also see its brother (sister? cousin?) state North Carolina. We drove to Asheville, North Carolina, because my parents almost moved there twenty years before and they wanted to see what the city is like now!

Before we arrived in Asheville, my mom and I made a reservation to Plant, an upscale vegan restaurant! My brother and dad decided to go to a nearby sushi place because they love their meat. However, I couldn’t wait to try Plant! I’d been wanting to eat there ever since I read about how the food was “to absolutely die for” from Liz (from pumpkinandpeanutbutter)! Liz was right : the food WAS to die for!

I ordered the “Lasagna Cruda,” which was a RAW lasagna! I decided to order the lasagna because I’d always wanted to try raw lasagna. I’m glad I did! Generous slathers of herbed macadamia nut cheese and kale & pecan pesto were sandwiched between layers of zucchini, pepper, and oven softened tomato (the “noodles”). The final product was  topped with pea sprouts and oregano and infused with olive oil. I enjoyed the dish, but it got messy when I started cutting it. Overall, I’d give it a 7.5/10 because it even though it was yummy and healthy, it tasted a little too earthy for me and it was difficult to cut.

Plant’s lighting was dark and intimate, which was nice, but said lighting made it hard to take good pictures of food.

The standout meal was the “Lemongrass Seitan” that my mom ordered.  I didn’t get it because I don’t love lemongrass, but it turned out that I couldn’t even taste it! It was the best seitan ever, served on a pile of winter squash puree and topped with baby bok choy, fermented black lentils , salt & pepper cashews, and pickled daikon radish. I stole a bite and MAN OH MAN was it good. 10/10 for sure. It was sweet and creamy, but also crunchy in some parts because of the seitan and cashews. The sweet and creamy squash puree was a perfect contrast to the crispiness of the seitan (which was incredibly tasty!).

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 11.36.24 AM

“Lemongrass Seitan” photo from Plant’s Instagram, @plantisfood

We were pleasantly full after dinner, but it would have been a crime to have left without eating dessert! My mom and I settled on the most chocolate-y thing we could find : the “Blackout Pie.” It was a luscious peanut butter chocolate fudge cake crusted with Oreo-type cookies and decorated with berry sauce. A salty, creamy, and delicious peanut butter-brittle ice cream accompanied the rich cake. My mom and I split the cake, but it was so rich that I couldn’t finish my half (me not finishing a dessert is UNHEARD of). It was divine, even though it was a little too rich for me.


rich, fudge-y cake accompanied by peanut brittle ice cream and drizzles of chocolate sauce and red berry sauce.

The cake was $9, but it was HUGE. Each half was the size of a regular sized piece of cake! In my opinion, the price was a little steep, but it was worth it because the dessert was made from only the highest quality ingredients and it was yummy! My favorite part was the peanut brittle ice cream. I could have eaten a pint of it if I weren’t so full after our meal!

Both meals were $18 dollars, but they were worth the splurge because everything, even the seitan, was made by hand with the highest quality ingredients in the Plant kitchen.  Plant’s menu changes every season or so, but if you go soon I beg you to get the “Lemongrass Seitan.”

After dinner, we spent the night in Asheville at the Downtown Motel (way too noisy because it’s next to the main road). The next morning, we hiked Looking Glass trail in the Pisgah National Forest. It was 5 K up to a steep but scenic view, and 5 K back down, making the hike a grand total of 10 K (6.4 miles). It was a great hike to do because we spent the rest of the day in the car on the way home to Michigan!



pretty panorama




rugged and amazing view from the top


the nearby “Looking Glass” waterfall

This post completes the recap of my amazing spring break! I hope you had an amazing spring break, too!

xx Ellie

P.S. : Has anyone else ever gone to Plant? What did you think? Have you tried any other restaurants in the area?


3 thoughts on “Spring Break Recap (pt. 2) : Asheville, NC

  1. Ellie says:

    I’ve heard of Plant but I’ve never been to NC! $18 is so expensive! I’m glad you think it was worth it. I hate it when I get really small portions, leave still hungry and pay a lot. However, if the ingredients are high quality and the food is delicious, I don’t feel so bad about the price. Also, it’s vegan right? So I’m helping the animals 🙂

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