Pin it Party!

What tin the world is a “Pin it Party!?” some of you might ask. Well, in the words of Liz from, the purpose of a Pin It Party is “for bloggers to share their 5 favorite posts that they would like to see get more traffic on Pinterest. A “Pin It Party” allows bloggers to support one another, while also seeing new content that they may not have stumbled on before!”

I’d never heard of such a thing before, but the minute Liz posted that she was going to host one, I was in!

To be a part of the party, all you have to do is…

  1. Create a post featuring 5 pictures and links to your favorite posts that you want to get more traffic on Pinterest.
  2. Publish the post today, Saturday, April 18th
  3. Visit and link up by clicking the button that will appear towards the bottom of this post. Liz will keep this link open until Sunday, April 19th at 11:55 pm.
  4. Visit at least 3 other blogs from the link up (at the bottom of Liz’s post) and starting pinning!

Below is a list of my five favorite blog recipe posts! Enjoy them, and check out the Pin it Party!

Bunny Bowl


Raw Snickers


Hippie Cookies

Hippie Cookies

Banana Balls


Butternut Squash Bisque


Thanks for partying with us! Have a great weekend!

xx Ellie


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