Fab 5 Friday – VegFest Edition

Happy Friday! It’s time for a Fab 5 Friday!

This week’s post is allllllllllll about food. I tried a lot of yummy food at Grand Rapids VegFest a couple of weekends ago. I liked a lot of it, so I’m sharing it with you on my blog!


I liked VegFest because I found out about so many new vegan foods and I got so many free samples! Read THIS POST by my Grand Rapids blogger friend Katherine if you want to know more about GR VegFest. Don’t worry if you missed it because there will be another one next year that will probably be even bigger and better!


Food samples, stickers, magazines, and soap were some of the free goodies I picked up at VegFest!


the Shimmy Shack food truck at VegFest. I waited in line for 45 minutes for a $6 milkshake that was WAY too liquid-y. I wasn’t much of a fan of it, but at least it cured my chocolate craving!

2. ECOTREK PROTEIN BARS = Love at first bite!

photo from mediumroast.net

I discovered EcoTrek protein bars at VegFest, and I tried the dark chocolate coconut flavor for the first time yesterday. It didn’t taste much like coconut… but I could definitely taste the chocolate in it since the bar has cocoa powder in it and it’s coated in a chocolate shell. The chocolate melts in your mouth when you take a bite (YES), but each bite takes a while to chew because it has that chalky “protein bar texture.” I’m okay with the chalkiness of the bar because it tastes good AND it has 6 servings of fruits and veggies and 10 GRAMS OF PROTEIN per bar. You read that right. 10 grams for 195 CALORIES! It’s a decent-sized bar, too – about the same size as a KIND bar.

The bars are vegan, gluten-free, and they contain antioxidants and superfoods in them like beet juice, spirulina, açai, aloe vera, and hemp powder THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN TASTE. So don’t worry about the bar tasting like aloe — it only tastes like chocolate! It’s as satisfying as chocolate bar but much healthier with less sugar, less calories, and more protein.*

*Based on this mini review, I feel like I could advertise for EcoTrek. Keep that in mind if you’re reading this, EcoTrek company! Haha.

3. Apple Pie Larabars

I’m definitely into granola bars right now. I just started play practice for the fall play at my school, so granola bars make a great pre-practice snack! By the way, the play is “The Diary of Anne Frank.” SUCH a good show. I’m Margot Frank.

Back to the bar: it tastes like apple pie. Sweet, doughy, and caramel-y… but the only ingredients are apples, nuts, raisins, dates, and cinnamon! I love Lärabars, and I’m so happy that we got a lot of free samples of them at VegFest. They might be my favorite type of granola bars taste-wise! EcoTrek are my favorite nutrition-wise though because they have 6-7 grams more protein per serving than Lärabars.

Somewhat related question: Are you an actor / actress? If so, what’s your favorite show you’ve been in?


My best friend‘s mom introduced me to Sunbutter. I LOVE IT. I’m almost done with a jar of it — and I only opened it last week! Keep in mind I’m the only one that’s been eating it. It’s great on apples, bananas, on carrots, and by the spoonful!

Don’t worry peanut butter – I’ll always love you, I just wanted a little change!


Redheads** has a store right by my cottage, so my family buys their products a lot. They had a booth at VegFest where we got to try their delicious hummus! I like their pesto hummus and their garlic hummus.

**I also love their baked goods. In fact, I made my own version of their peanut butter carrot muffins! Check out my recipe HERE!

image from redheadsinc.com

I am so glad my town finally got a VegFest! 
Do you have a VegFest where you live? 

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx Ellie


12 thoughts on “Fab 5 Friday – VegFest Edition

  1. Larice says:

    Hey Ellie, I was at the GR VegFest too! As soon as I saw your pic of the grab bag goodies I thought, hey I have that stuff! Or *had* it rather, because we’ve eaten all the samples by now and my daughter has stuck all the stickers everywhere 🙂 I was so excited to see all the like minded and veggie curious folks there, very hopeful! Can’t wait to see what the next one will be like.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Larice says:

        We loved the EcoTrek bars too and we liked trying the Brinery’s fermented foods, although it was right by the food truck line so it was challenging to get to! We didn’t wait in line for the food truck or ice cream, but I really wish I would’ve tried the mitten shaped ice cream bars from Love’s! I bought a purse from the booth selling the repurposed saris, it is just beautiful!


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