Bit Baking Co. Cookie Review

As I said yesterday a few days ago (Sorry, exams got in the way of posting! Boo hoo!), today’s blog post is a review of Bit Baking Co. cookies.


Bit Baking Co. peanut butter cookie that’s almost the size of my FACE! Also, don’t worry, the fur on my boots is faux.

Bit Baking Co. is a local vegan and gluten-free cookie company.


I met JR, the owner, at a vegan pop-up bakery. I love his cookies, so I asked him to come in and speak to the veggie club at my school!

He came to our meeting after school this past Thursday with an armload of cookies and a smile on his face. We were the first people to try his smaller cookies (2.2 oz .vs. 3.2 oz), and they were INCREDIBLE. We got to sample chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate, and peanut butter chocolate chunk. All were great. However, I have a special spot in my stomach reserved for the double chocolate cookie.

Left: Veggie club members trying Bit cookies. Right: Bit’s peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

Some of the best comments from veggie clubbers were…

  • “I can’t believe this cookie is vegan!”
  • “Best cookies ever!”
  • “These are awesome!”
  • “I love this [cookie]!”

Bit peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

I loved hearing JR speak because he was so interesting and passionate about his business! He shared with us how Bit Baking Co. started: he was developing gluten-free cookies for another company, but the company ended up using cheaper ingredients than JR wanted so JR created his own, healthier cookie. JR is also vegan, so he wanted his cookie to be vegan as well as gluten-free (*side note: here’s a long speech by Gary Yourofsky that JR said really influenced him to promote veganism*).


JR speaking about his cookies!

JR has been working on Bit cookies for more than three years, and this time commitment is evident based on the high quality of the cookie. JR uses quality ingredients like date paste (it acts as a binder in the cookie instead of egg), cane sugar, and real vanilla. This cookie is way better for you than any other pre-made cookie you can buy at the grocery store!

The cookies are gluten free, vegan, soy free, and absolutely delicious. Everyone can enjoy a Bit cookie, no matter their allergies or taste preferences. Well, those with peanut allergies can’t have the peanut butter cookies, but that’s different.


Bit’s oatmeal raisin cookie.

JR makes all the cookies by scratch in a small certified kitchen space. He bakes four times a week, and he does most of the baking all by himself! JR says he’s been lucky because his business has mostly spread through social media and word-of-mouth.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 1.40.03 PM.png

VegNews, a popular vegan magazine, shared a picture of the cocoa chocolate chip cookie!!

The cookies are sold at all the health food stores in the area (such as Harvest Health and the Health Hut), as well as at seven D&W branches and online at Seriously, go try out a cookie or five because they rock.

Thank you so much to JR for creating such delightful dairy-free cookies and for coming in to speak to veggie club! We love your cookies!


Some of the veggie club members with Bit cookies. There were 18 people at the meeting (some people, including a few guys, came later). 

xx Ellie


Veggie Challenge Recap

It’s been a great past few weeks for veggie club!

It’s been a great past few weeks for me as well, minus preparing for my first semester exams next week. I think it’s a universal truth that studying is not the most enjoyable activity in the world. Personally, I’d rather be enjoying vegan food. Speaking of plant-based food, the veggie club enjoyed a lot of it together this past Wednesday at Marie Catrib’s, a local vegan-friendly restaurant with mouthwatering food and an eclectic atmosphere.

Here are some snapshots of the food and fun!


I got the three salad sampler, a combination of three side salads. My FAVORITE. This time I tried the peanut noodles, the quinoa and black bean medley, and the roasted root vegetables.


Nada’s grilled cheese + the incredible dessert case at Marie Catrib’s that features multiple vegan and gluten free sweets. 

We went out as a club because…

  1. it’s fun to get together as a club and get to know each other better
  2. we wanted to celebrate the successful completion of the veggie challenge, which ended last week.

The challenge went really well! Everyone seemed to enjoy trying a new style of eating, whether it was vegetarianism, veganism, or raw until four. I’m so proud of everyone who tried the challenge. Most people found it easier than they thought it would be! I don’t think anyone’s going to completely revamp their diet because of the challenge, but I do think participants are going to incorporate more plants into their meals which is marvelous. One less meat-filled meal equals one less animal slaughtered. YAY!

Here are some more pictures of veggie-filled food from the challenge.


The yellow veggie curry dish from Erb Thai, an awesome local thai restaurant. 

I love avocado toast. I had it for lunch twice last week. 

I went to Marie Catrib’s again yesterday with my friend Emily. We actually met on Instagram a few weeks ago! She found my Instagram and then my blog, and reached out to me because she is also vegan and lives sort of near me! We decided to meet up for lunch. We sent pictures of ourselves to each other so we’d know what each other looked like and it ended up working really well. It was kind of strange and unconventional how it happened, but I’m really glad we met! I LOVE meeting other vegans my age, so if you are my age and live nearby, I’d love to meet up with you! Just don’t catfish me. 😉

IMG_6674I tried the “we got the beet” burger (cute name!). It was a delicious burger full of beets and topped with vegan coleslaw, baby kale, and spicy peanut sauce. I also need to mention that the service at Marie’s was fabulous. We had to wait about half an hour for a seat, but once we ordered, our food came out in five minutes flat. We sat at the cute little marble-topped counter.


Emily got the three salad sampler- YUM! Here’s a picture she took of her peanut noodles, beet and carrot salad, and curried rice. 


Of course we had to get dessert! Emily and I both got a cupcake then split them. The two vegan flavors were double chocolate + chocolate with cherry almond frosting. The flavor combinations were delectable and the frostings were SO creamy. 

Another exciting thing that happened this week? The owner of a local vegan and gluten-free cookie company, Bit Baking Co., come in and spoke to the veggie club! A recap of his visit and a review of his cookies will be up on my blog tomorrow. Spoiler alert: the cookies are MAGNIFICENT.

Spoiler alert picture


Happy Sunday!

xx Ellie

Veggie Challenge Day 6 Recap

Day 6: the second-to-last day of the veggie challenge.

You can do it! Don’t give up because you’re almost there! Resist the temptation of meat (and maybe dairy)! YOU CAN DO IT. Especially now that you’re equipped with this inspirational picture from Pinterest (side note: I love Pinterest. It’s so underrated among people my age).


First up for the day 6 recap is a lovely picture of sweet potato black bean chili that Seneca made. It looks so warm and hearty, as it’s packed with sweet potato chunks, black beans, corn, and pepper. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.21.57 PM

Below is a photo of Linde’s “peasant salad” from Rose’s Express (a local restaurant). It’s a bowlful of greens with cheese, onion and pepper. Mmm! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.22.44 PM

Below is the Marie Catrib’s three “salad” sampler that I devoured for lunch. I say “salad” because they’re not the healthiest or the salad-iest dishes… but they ARE freaking incredible. I got my three favorite salads: peanut noodles (with peppers and peanuts), jeweled rice (cumin-y rice with cranberries and peanuts), and an herby beet and carrot medley. SO TASTY. 


Sarah made zucchini noodles, also known as zoodles, with tomato sauce (below). It looks like the perfect light and easy dinner. I love how vibrant it is! 


Enjoy the LAST DAY of the veggie challenge! The final recap will be on the blog tomorrow.

xx Ellie

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Veggie Challenge Day 5 Recap

Day 5 is done / hasn’t it been fun?

Only 2 days are left/ so far I’ve been so impressed,

Everyone is doing so well/ this challenge has been swell!

Like my mini poem? I wrote it in english class.

I hope the above poem rings true for you if you are participating in the veggie challenge. I hope it’s been especially fun to create delectable food such as the food pictured in the day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4 recaps.

Today was yet another day full of deliciousness.


Above: Anna’s amazing and colorful veggie stir-fry with quinoa, cashews, and soy sauce. 


Above: Bailey’s mouthwatering dinner of veggie dumplings with quinoa and peas. She paired this yummy dinner with an apple and soy milk hot chocolate ( 😍 ).


Above: I went to lunch at a local Lebanese restaurant with Anna and a few other friends. I devoured this falafel salad, which is topped with *literally* the best salad dressing ever. It’s lemony, parsley-filled, and addicting. The tahini dressing on the side is the perfect contrast to the crispy falafel. YUM. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 7.41.22 AM

Sweet potato fries like Seneca’s (pictured above) are a wonderful snack, lunch, or dinner. They’re a great contrast of crispy and crunchy. 

The day 6 recap will be up on the blog tomorrow!

xx Ellie

Veggie Challenge Day 4 Recap

The veggie challenge is more than halfway over! Holy cow! Or should I say holy tofu? #veganjokes

I can’t believe that there are only three more days of the challenge. I hope everyone that’s doing it is enjoying it!

Here are some day four meals. Once again, they look very scrumptious.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.26.01 PM

Fallon and Seneca made a hearty vegan stew!

It’s packed with big noodles, potatoes, carrots, and celery. Can you say “perfect winter meal?”


Anna made quesadillas stuffed with black beans, kale, avocado, and hummus.

That is MY KIND OF quesadilla. She paired her crunchy quesadillas with chips and salsa. MMM.


Anna’s dinner: Spicy Cauliflower Power Bowl.

The bowl is chock-full of quinoa, black beans, avocado, kale, and sriracha cauliflower. She said it was so good!


Dani works at Potbelly, a sandwich shop, so she made herself a sandwich melt at work full of tomato, spinach, avocado, and provolone cheese.

Paired with broccoli cheese soup and crackers, it’s a perfect cold weather meal.


I had one of these chocolate chip zucchini muffins for snack.

The recipe will be on my blog next week (after the challenge is complete). They were perfect!


I made lava cakes yesterday with a recipe from Chloe’s Kitchen.

They were the perfect way to satisfy my sweet craving. I topped my warm lava cake with vegan vanilla ice cream and it was bowl-licking good.

I’ll be back again tomorrow for the day 5 recap! Get ready for some extreme yumminess.

xx Ellie

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Veggie Challenge Day 3 Recap

I’m honestly so impressed by what people are making for the veggie challenge. Their meals look so delicious! Check out the recaps from day one and two here.

Let’s start the day 3 recap off with this mouthwatering Tikka Masala that Lexie tried from Trader Joe’s.


This tikka masala is a great healthy convenience food as all you have to do is heat it up in the microwave for 5 minutes. It’s authentic-tasting and full of protein so you should give it a try! Lexie enjoyed a side of cara cara navel oranges (that look like grapefruit!) with this Indian dish.

Sidenote: What is your favorite plant-based convenience meal? It’s always good to keep meals in the freezer for when you don’t have a lot of time to cook!


Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.14.51 PM

I want to faceplant into this delicious Thai noodle bowl that Seneca made. IT LOOKS SO GOOD.


 I combined leftover brown rice with spiralized zucchini (zucchini noodles = zoodles) and roasted veggies for a nutty, earthy, and insanely delicious veggie brown rice and zoodle bowl for lunch.


This lemon tempeh Piccata might not look like it, but it is SO TASTY. My mom made it for dinner using THIS RECIPE with tempeh from Trader Joe’s.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.47.59 PM

Emily J. is already vegan, so she is trying “Raw Until 4” instead of the week-long veggie challenge. She’s stuck with it for the past few days, which is extremely impressive. Here is a big bowl for banana ice cream topped with goji berries, coconut, cashews, and almonds she made for lunch (along with a side of the most perfect avocado I’ve ever seen).

I’ll be back tomorrow for another delicious recap!

xx Ellie

P.S.- Count how many times I used the word “delicious” in this post for kicks and giggles. 😉

Veggie Challenge Day 2 Recap

Happy Monday! The veggie challenge is going strong. Day two went well (here’s the day one recap). People are making delicious-looking food, they’re not “cheating,” and they’re (hopefully) having fun with their food!

I don’t have much else to say, so I’ll show you some pictures of what people have been eating  since “a picture is worth a thousand words.”Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 2.57.46 PM

Look at Lexie’s GORGEOUS smoothie. Now look again. I love this photo edit of Lexie’s smoothie of nondairy milk, spinach, avocado, frozen banana, strawberries, and chia seeds. Keep up the good work, Lexie!


Sam’s veggie wrap with guacamole from Zoup looks so crunchy (which is a good thing)! Zoup is a national soup chain, so before Sam sent me this photo, I had no idea that they made anything besides soup. They have two vegan soups, some vegetarian soups, and a vegetarian salad and wrap. I may need to go give their butternut squash soup a try sometime soon.  Good job Sam! 


Anna made a hearty mix of rice, kidney beans, cheese, avocado, and salsa. It looks the the perfect winter meal! Go Anna! 

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.30.58 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.31.23 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.31.31 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.31.40 PM

Look at all of the delicious food Seneca made! I’m so impressed!

Clockwise from top: pineapple tofu / ingredients to make fruit smoothies / blueberry muffins / spinach, avocado, tomato, and quinoa power salad.

Here is the “Pineapple Not-So-Fried Rice” I made for dinner as well as the onions roasting (I thought they made a cool pattern so I had to take a picture). This rice dish is one of my favorite meals ever. Recipe HERE.


Thanks for the pictures, veggie clubbers! See you tomorrow for a day three recap!

Stay warm on this cold day!

xx Ellie