Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!


I just wanted to wish you all a lovely day (get it?!) and to let you know that I’ll be back next week with an ebook review and a sweet treat recipe (with a crazy ingredient- any guesses?).


The pictures in this post are of Chlostess cupcakes (recipe HERE) that my mom and I made for a veggie club meeting this past week. I dyed the filling pink in honor of Valentine’s Day.

You need to make these cupcakes. They’re incredible.


What are your feelings on Valentine’s Day? Do you love it or hate it? Are you doing anything special for it? I’ll be celebrating by devouring lots and lots of cupcakes.

xx Ellie


15 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Liz Martone says:

    Ellie these are SO cute!! I have such a weakness for cupcakes and I’m sure these were seriously delicious 🙂 We went to our favorite vegan restaurant in Raleigh for dinner last night (pre-Valentine’s day) and had this incredible three course meal (complete with vegan chocolate mousse)!! I love any excuse to eat lots of chocolate, so Valentine’s Day is certainly a win in my book. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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    • peanutbutterandellie says:

      Thanks Liz! Not to make you jealous but they were SO GOOD. I wish I could have sent you some!
      Fiction Kitchen is the restaurant you went to, right!? Your Instagram picture from dessert looked AMAZING! Vegan chocolate mousse sounds divine. What were your first and second courses?
      Valentine’s Day = eat all the chocolate you want day! Hehe.
      I actually have a four day weekend for winter break so my weekend isn’t over yet! Hooray! Thanks! xx


  2. Natalie says:

    These are just so fun! I love decorating cakes and cookies, I’ve been doing it since I was about 5 and I still suck at it but still love it haha! These are gorgeous, your veggie club members are some lucky peeps. And I DO have a guess about that secret ingredient…! Can’t wait!

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  3. demeter | beaming baker says:

    So I’m a little late to this Chlostess Cupcakes party… but I’m loving these sweet treats! 🙂 Btw, the recipe video turned out awesome! My feelings on v-day are: good excuse to eat more chocolate, bad excuse to put great expectations on my man. LOL. We keep it relaxed by making a meal together and then, wait for it, EATING it. Haha. How did your v-day turn out?

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    • peanutbutterandellie says:

      Thanks so much, Demeter! Sweet treats for the win.
      You have such a simple, relaxing, but NICE tradition for Valentine’s Day! That honestly sounds like my kind of night. What did you make together this year?
      My day pretty much felt like a normal day- but full of even MORE chocolate! Which is a good day in my book. 🙂

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      • demeter | beaming baker says:

        Right? Getting dressed up and going out is kinda tiresome for me. I’m a bit of a homebody. 🙂 We made mini heart-shaped chocolate cakes (for the blog, why lie? Haha) and pizza! We loaded the pizza with pineapple, jalapenos, mushrooms, garlic and tomato. Yum… A day with more chocolate is always a good day! 🙂

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      • peanutbutterandellie says:

        That sounds like a lovely meal! Did you make the pizza heart-shaped? 😉
        I am SUCH a homebody and introvert at heart. Going out is fun, but it can be tiring! That’s why I like blogging- it’s talking, but it takes less work. Haha.

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      • demeter | beaming baker says:

        I soooo wanted to make a heart-shaped pizza… but then that would’ve made it MUCH harder to take the pizza out of the oven. LOL. I know, I have GOT to invest in a pizza stone. What you said is so true! Socializing IRL is ridiculously tiring. Haha. Okay, we can be internet hermits together! Hehehe. 😉

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