Bunny Bowl

The only bunny I’ll ever eat… is a bunny made out of fruit!

This smoothie bowl LOOKS like a bunny, but it’s not! April Fool’s! 

Enjoy this bunny smoothie bowl with a side of sunshine, nice weather, fragrant flowers, and the chirping of birds! Happy spring (FINALLY!)


Bunny BOWL


GRASS: 1 frozen banana, a handful of spinach, a spoonful of nut butter, and a splash of almond milk. Blend and pour into a bowl.

BUNNY face base: a few frozen strawberries blended with a banana and a bit of almond milk. Blend and pour on top of the “grass” in a bunny shape (a circle-shaped head and lines for ears).

ears: a slather of nut butter

eyes: 2 blueberries

nose: strawberry (cut in half)

whiskers: a baby carrot chopped into little lines

mouth: a few cacao nibs shaped into a smile

Assemble and enjoy!


Happy spring, and happy almost Easter!

xx Ellie


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